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dachessmastr23's Journal
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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
4:26 pm
Yeeeah.... most like any tuesday really :-\
In math i KICKED the quarter finals ass(go me)
Patrick keeps asking me about how much money the hat costs haha... he's really obsessed w/ paying everyone back or something lol
ummmm the history test got moved back to friday, which is happy news.
iiii definatley can't think of any thing that was interesting today.....
leave a comment about your day... hopefully it will be better than mine.
Monday, April 25th, 2005
8:34 pm
today was kind of mellow...
My math teacher is such a.... such a female dog.. seriousley.. I came in today, had contacted her via email earlier, and she STILL said I couldn't get at least a ONE day extention on my h/w.. even though the website was down so i couldn't get it.. what is WITH that?
OH. by the way Knight's tale is definatley an awesome movie. heh.
HMMM... O'betts moved the history test back to friday, so that is happy....
Everyone was kind of out of it today.. it's a monday, aaand we are all kinda tired... so understandable.
This is a really bad entry so I'm spicing it up with a nerdy face :B
how awesome is that?
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
1:16 pm
yeah, the trip was really fun some of the time, and other times it just was depressing.. I think I have real problems being places with people... I mean, i dunno. I talked to shami+sara about what I think, but i don't think that it really helped cuz it was like 30 seconds... its just, Nobody really wanted to talk to me/go on rides with me, and If you don't think i can give examples I really can.. alot of that crap happened.. It just seemed like @ the beggining of the trip i was in good company, then at the end I was kind of not wanted, not appreciated, etc.. The only people I thought even wanted to talk to me were Patrick and Sara... and even then Sara really didn't engage in convo's with me unless it was one of the many turbulant emotional things that happened on the trip... GAH. I just feel like I fucked up my friendships with people and I rubbed them the wrong way(that might sound wrong but w/e). I definatley hope I'm wrong... :(. Other than that I had a good time on the rides that i WAS able to go on with people... aaand yeah it was fun. OH and band rocked teh house... but now i have like 1,000,000 sheets of h/w to do. ooh well... Ill get done what I can, but my rents are making me go to school tomorrow.
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
7:13 pm
update! haha
yeeah so i am updating now... hmm what has happened..

honestly nothing special happend today....
OH wait!

I did have a debate with adam+ethen in english on marijuana legalization... i have heard mixed comments about our debate(who won) but I think I did my part well, so thats good. Ethen came in, put on his bathrobe and hat, and it was SO funny, and so hard to take him seriousley in what he was sayin.

Anyways yeah that was fun. Then MARY came back today! Awesome to see her, she’s really cool lol. Ummmmm.... french was boring as usualll, and in band when we finally knew who was going on the trip and who wasnt, it was scary how many of the low brass aren’t gonna be there.. we only have 1 Euphonium, 2 Trombones(and they aren’t worth much.. like .25 people each) sooo hopefully we will get some of the skilled ppl to come help us out lmao.

Thats about it for today, cya later,

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
7:02 pm
Good day..
haha good times.. I feel like I am on most peoples good sides today haha.. yeah so at lunch roux makes a skillfull cup shot.. (you know what i'm talkin bout.) heh, and typing chorus in health(once again an inside thing).... hmm other than that the assembly was .. uhh.. interesting.. I think that that guy who was in the car crash might have died *gasp*
anyways, ttyl
Monday, February 21st, 2005
9:09 pm
My three day weekend *woop*
so yeah.. good weekend. definatley good weekend.
My family and I went up to my mountain house, I saw hitch, went skiing, and came back sunday night. Monday i spent 7 hours editing a movie(that isn't finished yet), and is very emotional and looks great. We are entering it into a contest taht we entered last year, and got 2nd place in. We are shooting for 1st place(100 dollars apeice). Good stuff. Go see hitch if u havent! Will smith is a beast! lol
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
8:28 pm
depressed. ALOT
great. My best friend tells me today that he got a gf and that they are in an intimate relationship. that breaks the fuckin camel's back. I have always listened to people : "ooh now look he likes me." or "ooh im going out with so-and-so"... and i'm at a gay friend status with everybody because ... i'm no good. I mean, this friend that has a gf. she is 2 yrs older than him, he is... i dunno. I just thought I would get a gf before he did.. i guess im not cut out for this kind of thing. I know you guys wont believe me.. but im REALLY upset about this.. and almost tearing up etc. *sigh* this comes RIGHT after valentines day too.. great. IM SO FUCKING SAD ...
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
8:55 pm
its been awhile..
well ya it's been awhile since i last updated, and for those of you who read these, here it is:
After a few weeks of begging i finally got my Paypal account, Checking account and debit card. *woop!*
hmm yeah.. so Mr. Rubinstein sends a letter to Adam's parents saying this :

Ms. Zemel,
> Sorry to bother you again, but I had a problem with
> Adam today in class that I wanted to make you aware
> of.  The class was in the computer lab doing research
> and writing a paper on alcohol.  I caught Adam playing
> games on the computer and asked him to not play games
> and work on his paper.  Five minutes later, I caught
> Adam again playing games on the computer, so I had
> Adam log off from the computer.  The assignment is due
> on Monday, so he will need to work on it this weekend.
>  I have attached a copy of the assignment to this
> e-mail in case you would like to see what the
> assignment is.  Again, thank you for your help.
> Have a good weekend,
> Adam Rubinstein

what the FUCK his his problem? holy crap I'm afraid one of those is coming towards me.. it's not like ANYONE was doing their damn essays in class, and when he asked us to log off, me and adam just did it, no questions asked.. w/e he's such a dick.
Mr. Doll's class wasnt as bad as i had originaly percepted it to be. He craammmmsss stuff down your throat like crazy, but it works.
O'betts is still #1 in my book haha
soooo.... yeah in the summer I finally got all the forms filled out etc, and after 2 years of being a counsoler in training, I can finally be a counsoler next year! guess what i get paid?

alot. (3,000 dollaz for 4 weeks).... thats more than some adults make. wow.

anyways now u know why i have so much damn money to lend to all of you hahaha

anyways thats just about everything that means anything in my life up to now.

P.S. Happy valentines day! <3
Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
6:54 am
At lunch yesterday megan really was pissed because everyone(You know who you are heh) decided to sit at a different table.. even though you saw us and walked right past us. I don't know if you understood how much that hurt me, matt, and megan, but yea.. I would like to think of it as a misunderstanding. w/e other than that we got some awesome band music by John Williams (Jaws, Star wars, etc) umm. Then in P.E. Mr. Rubenstein takes me into the hallway and talks to me about how i should be "more respectfull" and not make "smart allek remarks".... wtf? I didn't say anything to bring that on, but whatever. This wasnt the best of days.
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
6:53 pm
because of the OVERWHELMING DEMAND for me to update, here it is..
I know SOME people are going to be pissed @ me for saying this, but I'm worried about my grades.. i have 3 B-.. If i get ONE "c", my parents are threataning military school, and that is not a joke.. But ill be aaite.. im good at negotiating things.. i might get off being grounded, not that i usually go anywhere anyways heh.
Hmm... as for this weekend.
Friday was meh. not much happened, but it was a day off, so it was, as always, better than other days(duh)
Saturday i went to the science fair and i got "credible parcipitation".. i think that just means i went.. haha
umm sunday
after it had snowed, Thomas came over with paul and micheal, we took a sledgehammer to my frozen pond(i dont know why???) and then we played halo for awhile, i pwned them 3v1 :-D.
Then we went to tom's house, decided it would be a great idea to shovel a wall of snow in the middle of the road. Some lady told us we should shovel it back because it was dangerous, and she was probably right lol. So we did, then played king of the hill on the huge pile of snow until 6:30.. so here I am now, chilling, all the good stuffs.... umm yeah. this weekend was pretty cool overall, 8 out ten heh.
Monday, January 17th, 2005
5:23 pm
I've been listening to all the cool things people have done this weekend.. and i realized i've done nothing.g This is verry depressing... w/e. shitty weekend nothing but h/w. I'm pissed cuz i didn't get to go to the TJ thing, and i was actually invited to it, which was nice. oh well. life isn't too peachy right now.
Monday, January 3rd, 2005
7:09 am
*sigh* my winter break was allright, but i didn’t get to do a single thing with friends(cough cough) lol... I went to my mountain house for New years eve, and went paintballing w/ my new paintball guns(don’t kill me for wanting them haha). For xmas i got alot of cool stuff.. i got a leather jacket, a nice new mouse for my comp, a game for my xbox, and like 40 bucks. I ALSO GOT MY PERMIT YAY.. lol. I have not driven yet though. I dont know about you guys, but the winter break seemed to go by SOOOOO fast. like, too fast. w/e .. its monday now, and its back to the grind, and we dont get another break untill the 16th(Martin Luther King day) anyways, for those of you who care about my relationship w/ this girl.. I’m still not sure about the status, but we xchanged digits.. i think thats a step in the right direction.. I’m somewhat happy to go back to school though, cuz alot of ppl i haven’t seen for awhile... see u in like.... an hour! :)
-ttyl, Nscott

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
9:40 pm
So.. it's winter break :)
yeah.. it still hastn hit me.. im sure it will on saturday ;)
How is ur guy’s break going so far?
mines going pretty well. im just chilling out so far.. its a good time here :) I may have a gf, im totally not sure. I’ll get that cleared up later however.
Hmm.. even though there are strong political tensions between my cousins family and ours(they are raging republicans), we are still going to have christmas eve at their house.. it’s really sad how polotics can tear people apart.. last year, my father and my step-uncle got into a heated argument.. i mean HEATED. Our two families didn’t talk for like 7 months. when they went to the same summer vacation place we go every summer, my mother avoided having them over for dinner one night, which i think is really low of both of my parents. FORTUNATLEY, they have agreed not to discuss polotics tomorrow night.. unfortunatley im not so sure about that :( oh well.. i will hope for the best. :) I really wanna go see a movie, go lazer tag, bowling, SOMETHING GUYS IM GOING OUT OF MY MIND! *cough* err yeah :) anyways ttyl all!

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
5:33 pm
bad day!! :(
First in 5th period I totally busted up my ankle.. it is supposedly a brused bone. :/ I gotta wear this A-bandage(like medical tape) for the next few days till the swelling goes down. Appereantly at lunch I was a real dickhead to stephanie by.. i guess not respecting her privacy :( I feel really really bad about that because I didn’t mean to make her angry :( Now she’s really pissed at me, and she still was pissed after I tried to apologize :( I always manage to fucking mess up my goddamn friendships.. I’m gonna go shoot myself or something this is so depressing. not really... lol. UGH i am so sad right now, and i got 3 fucking tests tomorrow... bye all :(

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
6:59 pm
good weekend afterall!
yeah so even though i missed the skating thing which appereantly didn’t happen anyways, I went ahead and went shopping for my family... I mustve shelled out 60 bucks on my brother, and like 40 for my parents. lol. i got my dad a nice belt, my mom a nice necklace, and for my brother i got him a fondoo set(now he can make me fondoo!! he takes the colonary arts and is gonna be a cook when he growes up so..) its really cool. it rotates, its stainless steel w/ a good design.. i also went ahead and got him a steelers sports cap. so yeah i feel good about that. :)
I just got back from my friend Andrew's kickass b-day party at dave and busters(which he totally stole from me lol) yeah i got this awesome chain necklace with a dragon and a red diamond(right) eye from their prize store.. it was like 400 tokens lol.. quality item(not)
are any of those things ever?
8:29 am
yeah i couldn’t make it to the ice skating thing on saturday, which was a huge bummer for me :(..... I totally wanted to go and make a fool of myself on ice, but my mom said i had too much h/w and i have to go to a b-day party today... *sigh* not that anyone noticed i wasnt there cuz im not cool like that , but i missed it anywho... and i STILL have a shitload of homework! damnit! .... anyways ttyl all

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
7:08 am
Friday was so beast!
Pep band was really kickass, im starting to talk w/ the upper band people, which is good, because then maybe all yall will go easy on me when initiation comes around on band camp haha.
4 today is gonna be awesome at pentagon row.. that is if i dont die ice skating lol.
on sunday im going to one of my best friend’s b-day parties at dave and busters (DDR WOOT partaay)
bye all

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
7:38 pm
hey hey...
In history today we played a trivia game w/ o'betts and it was REALLY funny because he was mockingly unfair to our team, but we all ended up with extra credit on the test anyways!!!! yay. Yeah so that was cool. The test was the easiest one we have gotten from O'betts yet.. I thank the study time with sara for that.. especially when she yelled at me for "Asking a question she didn't know" haahahaa jk.. u know i love ya ;).. After that I borrowed pretty much all of our hard pep-band songs on CD from Mr. Williams (Sara if u want it, i can hook u up) but ur too good for pracitce i assume ;) Afterschool I took 2 tests in french, both of which I had missed before.. I totally aced both of them. Yay! You see, I have a 79 in her class... soooo yeah i needed that. Ima help Sara whoop dat boy's ass ;) haha
Ummm pep band tomorrow(party)
on saturday our rondez-vous(partay agian)

heh.. l8r all
P.S. Is anyone actually reading these shits? haahaha


P.S. #2 : So im not gay enough eh?
Monday, December 6th, 2004
7:53 pm
Lifechanging event.....
I just changed my life. permanently. for the better I think. I used to play about 40 hours of computer games a week.. Its a huge and horrible habit. I mean.. its like drugs! you smell funny, you look horrible, your always hungry/tired. its the same thing! haha.. no but seriously.. I just put all my games save one for xbox on e-bay.. thats it. im goddamn through with this addiction. It got in the way of my schoolwork(feels geeky), my friends, and my damn life. I feel so free now but at the same time bored. Instead of the 200 dollars towards games this christmas, im gonna go buy some clothes, a paintball gun, and have like 50 bucks spending cash for movies *hint if anyone wants to go to one in the near future, im now free ;)* I think this was a big step for me.. I hope it works.. bye all and thought i’d let ya know.. otherwise life is good by the way :)
Nscott <3

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, December 5th, 2004
6:09 pm
Sunday.. oh sunday.
Sunday was cool.. I went to my brothers basketball game, and he kicked ass(Which is unusual unfortunatley).. He made 5 baskets, the most of his team. But height runs in my family, so he is like 5”6’ and he is in 7th grade. good stuff xD not to make all you vertically challenged people sad, but being a tall guy is usually fun... and being tall means having big hands.. big hands mean big feet.. and big feet mean... well you know the rest.
After the game I vegitated @ my casa reading/watching TV and whatnot.. playing Heroes IV (that one goes out to sara), and yeah.. now im watching the skins game.. and they are kicking ass 24-7.. cross ur fingers for em!
P.S. NO you sick bastards.. big feet mean big socks. jeez.

Current Mood: happy
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